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Eclipse SE Specifics
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What is Eclipse SE?

A litigation database and more, IPRO Eclipse SE gives you the power to effectively control all aspects of your case through a single Discovery Management application, without the need of a DBA. IPRO Eclipse SE consolidates your data in a common database, ensuring data integrity throughout the litigation process, while also reducing cost of ownership through eliminating the need for multiple technologies. Key components of IPRO Eclipse SE are:


Proprietary Database
No matter what size your organization, IPRO has taken you into consideration and created a product that can utilize the power inherit in IPRO’s proprietary database which needs no DBA for maintenance. The database features multi-language support and is fully Unicode compliant.

Batch Management
Quickly and easily create review passes to manage the full life cycle of your case. Assign batches of documents to reviewers and get real-time feedback on batch review progress through use of Eclipse SE dashboard analytics.

Desktop Management
View case documents from a single interface. Create complex search queries to refine dataset results and identify key case information through use of document and page level tags. Further refine case documents through use of Eclipse SE’s annotation palette and organize case findings for you and your team by utilizing smart and private folders.

Allow users to produce case documents in TIFF, PDF, Text, HTML, and Native file formats. Customize your production through application of custom messages, watermarks, highlights, markups, bates stamps, redactions, and more.

Monitor and analyze the real-time progress of your case from your desktop. Set performance thresholds so you are always in the know and can make adjustments on the fly if necessary.

As technology continues to advance, your organization is gaining access to even more Discovery data than ever before. To manage this data explosion, you need a review solution that minimizes review time, reduces errors, and can manage itself without the need of a database administrator. You need IPRO Eclipse SE. With all your files consolidated into a unified view, IPRO Eclipse SE offers unparalleled flexibility and case control. With a built-in dashboard, the status of a case is never in question, and with powerful tools such as transcript management and page level tagging, you can go farther faster by putting technology to work.

While a thorough review paves the way to successful litigation, testimony can add many layers of complexity. With Eclipse SE, case testimony can be uploaded, searched, and summarized, ensuring that no details are left untouched. Pinpoint where testimony fits into the overall strategy, highlight and make annotations, apply issue codes, and quickly locate key terms using a built in word index. Share findings with your client, co-counsel, and team with built in reporting. Get a snapshot of the issues across your case and instantly synchronize any transcript changes so you and your team are always dealing with the most accurate testimony. And because it’s built on a central database repository, you can securely collaborate across a wide-area network.

To shorten the time it takes you to do a review, IPRO Eclipse SE was built with features that help do the heavy lifting for you. Document and page level tagging allow you to organize and propagate tags to family members automatically based on rule assignments. Batch management allows you to create and assign batches to reviewers based on criteria set by you. Built in dashboard analytics give you real-time data on the status of your review so you can proactively manage your case. And transcript management allows you to go one step deeper and unearth where testimony links to discovery, providing for a much more focused litigation strategy. Apply additional leverage to your review via search wizards and include/exclude family members from search results, create multiple indexes, and where appropriate combine previous queries with current search criteria. When needed, view native files directly in Eclipse SE without the need of third party applications. With Eclipse SE, data management just got a whole lot easier.

When you’ve finalized your review and are ready to move to production, Eclipse provides an unprecedented number of options. Whether you need to export to a commonly used database product, EDRM XML format, or produce your data as TIFF’s, PDF, HTML, Native/Document text, or printed paper, Eclipse SE can get it done at blazing fast speeds. Apply bates numbers, confidentiality statements, issue tags, watermarks, highlights, or custom defined messages to your productions. Exercise full control over which documents are produced in color versus black and white. Manage the DPI of images and define the dimensions of pages produced. IPRO productions have been the gold standard in the industry for over 23 years, and the production module in Eclipse continues to uphold that standard.


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