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Why Hire Bob Meyers for Eclipse SE Training?

Top 8 Reasons to Hire Bob Meyers for Eclipse SE Training, Consulting or Technical Support:

  1. Focused on training Eclipse SE, not training as a segue to trial support or case management
  2. One of the first to be certified and the very first to train the software as a consultant in the country
  3. Worked with and support all versions of Eclipse SE
  4. Cross-disciplined in all software that works with Eclipse SE, such as TrialDirector, CaseMap and Sanction, as well as competing software
  5. Train, consult and provide technical support to all forms of litigators, to include law firms, corporate law departments and government agencies (local, state and federal)
  6. Train all categories of persons involved in the practice of law, to include attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, practice support and IT.
  7. Train and support service bureau personnel and provide overflow training for other former Eclipse SE Certified Trainers
  8. Provided training sessions for national and local organizational conferences, such as the Master's Conference, National Federation of Paralegal Associations Conference and the Paralegal Resource Conference.

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