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IPRO's Eclipse SE Program Specifics

Top 10 Reason to Love Eclipse SE


Eclipse SE Desktop

  •  1: The ability to split (or combine) documents
    • Can split pages, ocr, tags and fields across all split documents
    • Can see preview of pages for decision-making
    • Can combine documents, ocr, tags and fields
  •  2: Internally produced documents available alongside originals
    • Can view all versions of any produced document
    • Can print any version of document
  •  3: Page-level tagging (and what you can do with documents page-level tagged)
    • Can print the tag label
    • Can endorse the tag label for purposes of production
    • Can exclude page-level tagged pages in a production
    • Can include page-level tagged pages for production, printing, creating copysets
  •  4: Keyboard shortcuts for tagging
    • Ctrl+all letters of the alphabet
      • Set-up in Admin
  •  5: Ability to email a document
    • Email entire documents or select portions
    • Can limit size of attachment
  •  6: Crosshatch redactions
    • Also outline and solid redactions
    • For purposes of review only
      • Redactions are always solid for production
      • When printing review documents, all options are available
        • Solid, crosshatch or outline
  •  7: Zonal OCR
    • Also known as ‘spot OCR’
    • Instantly OCRd text automatically placed in clipboard for easy pasting
  •  8: Sub-tallying a tally
    • Makes for easy review of names and dates fields especially
  •  9: Ease of saving searches
    • Saved searches also available throughout the Admin side of the program
  •  10: Case replication to a laptop
    • Easy
    • All or portions of a case can be copied locally
    • Local button readily available to allow quick access to locally copied case
    • Does not use another license when offline
  •  11: Sorting emails and attachments so families stay together
    • Also available for production purposes

Eclipse SE Admin

  • 1: Easy yet robust security for users, groups and cases
    • Field-level security as well
  • 2: Easy to understand tabbed interface for most complicated functions
    • Case creation
    • Case management
    • Importing and exporting data
    • Batch management
    • Production
  • 3: Robust case creation features
    • Five different options for creating the case structure
    • Can create a case based on previous case
    • Copies not only the fields, but:
      • Tags
      • Redactions
      • Coding forms
      • Case options
  • 4: Multiple redactions
    • Can customize:
      • Text to be applied
      • Color of redaction
      • Color and font of redaction text
  • 5: Multiple coding forms and ability to set rules
    • Can customize:
      • Fields to be included
      • Tags to be available
      • Rules to be applied, based on:
        • Tags
        • Fields
  • 6: Ability to bulk OCR and/or TIF
    • Based on any configuration of document collection
  • 7: Search and replace allows for copying from one field to another
    • Can also find and replace within a field
    • Can append and prepend within existing fields
  • 8: Ingesting Images and Native Files is incredibly easy
    • Browse to any folder and can limit import jpg, png, pdf, among other file types
    • Importing PSTs can be loaded at the same time as all other natives
    • Ingesting .eml and .msg are treated as emails, not as miscellaneous files
    • Can include or exclude specific file extensions upon ingestion
  • 9: Batch creation is easy and robust
    • Batches created by category or randomly
    • Coding forms can be put in place, as well as security
    • c. Management and tracking tools available
  • 10. Producing documents is incredibly robust
    • a. Can produce images and natives at the same time
    • b. Can create images for production, as well as for the original set
    • c. Load files can be created
    • d. Robust bulk printing feature
    • e. Placeholders can be created for specific native file types


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